Who can fix the problem of polarisation within the British Labour party?

Episode Summary

With journalist Ayesha Hazarika and former Labour insider Chris Clarke.

Episode Notes

A new decade has dawned.  

But following their most devastating election defeat in 80 years, what new dawn awaits the British Labour party? 

If there’s one thing the Corbyn years will be remembered for it’s the rampant ideological in-fighting between the left and the right of the party, Momentum versus the Blairites, leavers and remainers.   

But now with the leadership contest in full swing, and a new successor to be named on the 4th of April, will the party seize the opportunity to elect a leader who can heal the deep divides within the party and end the civil war - and maybe one day win them an election too?

Matthew Taylor and Ian Leslie are joined by  journalist Ayesha Hazarika and former Labour insider Chris Clarke who has just published Warring Fictions, a critique of Corbynism and left populism.  

Produced by Craig Templeton Smith.